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Learning and Teaching


Tammy Lipschultz, Assistant Superintendent, Learning & Teaching

Lucy Garcia, Executive Assistant

Office Hours: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm 


West Learning Region
Director : 

Veronica Bucheli

Telephone: 909.418.6518

East Learning Region
Director : Dr. Marco Villegas
Telephone: 909.418.6493

Curriculum & Instruction
Director: Jennifer Clark
Telephone; 909,418.6408

Special Education
Director: Greg Alexander III, Ed.D.
Telephone: 909.418.6422





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OMSD CORE Literature List

The OMSD Core Literature list was assembled by OMSD teachers for OMSD students and is intended to provide text recommendations per grade level to OMSD educators, parents and students.Through research ona balance of genres, relevant topics, Lexile levels/text complexity, and interest to students, this list was proposed and vetted by OMSD teachers.

It is our hope that OMSD students are exposed to this list of recommended books over the course of their educational PK-8 careers. This list of books may be utilized by teachers in the classroom, by students in independent reading, and/or by parents as they support their children in attaining literacy skills.While this list is by no means mandated reading, rather it is intended to serve as a resource guide to stakeholders as they support the literacy skills of our students.