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  • Your Child’s Future
    On-line education continues to grow in the United States - at the University level and in K-12 education. Technology is changing the educational platform for students globally. Enable, engage, and empower your child's education now through E3 VIRTUAL LEARNING ACADEMY and help them thrive today for the future.

    About Us
    E3 Virtual Learning Academy-Expanding the Educational Environment offers students in grades K-8 the chance to learn at their own pace and in ways that are right for them. The vision of E3 Virtual Learning Academy is to provide “personalized education for global endeavors.” With a focus on individualized learning, the E3 Virtual Learning Academy provides the tools students need to succeed—in school and beyond.

    The online program offers a media-rich learning environment, therefore, certain computer system requirements must be met in order for the programs to operate properly and deliver content.

    An overview of these requirements is provided below. Specific computer system requirements and plug-in information will be available soon:

    To be successful, students need:

    • Consistent access to a computer with a high speed connection (such as Verizon, Comcast cable, or Time Warner).
    • Early and consistent communication with the online teacher via email, telephone, discussion boards, or other means.
    • A scheduled time to work online every day. E3 Virtual Learning Academy recommends 10 hours per week per course because online courses are rigorous. Students may work ahead but should not fall behind the pacing guide for the course.
    • A place to save any documents submitted for a grade.

    E3 Virtual Learning Academy Benefits:

    • Personalized Instruction
    • 24/7 Access to Courses
    • Timely Feedback
    • Access to Grade Level Curriculum
    • Flexible SchedulingOpportunity for Accelerated Learning
    • Face-to-Face Meetings with Highly Qualified, Credentialed Teachers

    Course Offerings:

    • E3 Virtual Learning Academy provides rigorous courses in an online learning environment that are aligned with state and county standards.
    • An online instructor who is certified and highly qualified is assigned to every student in every class.