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OMSD Google Classroom Bitmoji Banner Contest Winners!

Bitmoji Banner Contest Winners!

Distance Teaching has taken great dedication, determination, and perseverance by teachers all around the District.  With nearly 2,000 participants attending Virtual PD over the last eight weeks, teachers used some of their newly learned tech skills to create fun and engaging banners to display in their Google Classroom.  This resulted in our first Bitmoji Google Classroom Banner Contest.  To spread some much needed joy and boost morale for students and staff district-wide, several teachers submitted banner entries filled with incredible detail.  Over 380 OMSD employees ended up casting nearly 2,000 total votes.  Teachers, administrators, and other staff could not help but smile as the various banner entries were fun, unique, detailed, and creative.  Each and every banner entry received several votes and the 5 winners were only separated by a combined 7 total votes.  Congratulations to the 5 winning banners pictured below and thank you OMSD Teachers for all that you do for your students!  Keep up the hard work!  You are much appreciated during a difficult time.

Banner 2

Banner 4

Banner 5

Banner 3

Banner 1