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The Month of May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

National Mental Health Awareness Month

The Ontario-Montclair School District (OMSD) provides mental health services to students and their families through the Family & Collaborative Services department, which encompasses the Counseling Center, Ontario Family Resource Center, and the Montclair Family Resource Center. Providing these services to OMSD students, their families, and the community is unique and an example of the importance of caring for the whole child.
The District's mental health and social work staff members play a vital role in removing barriers to learning by addressing students' and their family members' mental health needs. Mental Health care is more important than ever during this time of uncertainty. The District recognizes the work you are doing in responding to our families' needs during the school shutdowns.
The OMSD Board of Trustees has passed Resolution #2020-21-65 recognizing May 2021 as National Mental Health Awareness Month. The approved Resolution is attached for your information.
The District acknowledges the endless efforts and dedication of our mental health providers. Thank you for everything you do for students and their families. 

OMSD Resolution 2020-21-65