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May 3-7, 2021 is School Nutrition Employees Week

School Nutrition Employees Week

OMSD Resolution 2021-21-59

The Ontario-Montclair School District (OMSD) Board of Trustees honors school nutrition employees by adopting Resolution 2020-21-59, recognizing May 3-7, 2021, as School Nutrition Employee Week. The Resolution is attached for your information.

Food and Nutrition Services employees are committed to providing healthful, nutritious and delicious meals to the District's children every day. Your efforts and commitment to children are extremely important to the overall operations of our schools.

OMSD acknowledges the hard work, care and professionalism you put into your jobs every day, especially during this difficult time of COVID-19 uncertainty. You are heroes in meeting the needs of our children.
Please know your dedicated service to our students is deeply appreciated.

Elvia M. Rivas, President
Board of Trustees