Elderberry Elementary

Respectful, Responsible, Honest, & Strive for Academic Excellence


  • 2020 PBIS Community Cares Award Elderberry California Distinguished School Gold Ribbon School Title I Achievement Award

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      Elderberry Office Hours

      • Office Hours: 7:15am-3:30pm.

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      School Videos

      • OMSD Spotlight - Jasmine Saunders - Click Here to View

        VIDEO: Leadership Matters highlighting CLA Principal Arlene Rodriguez and Elderberry Principal Alicia Brewer

        The Healthier US School Challenge Awards - Video

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      Homeless or In Transition Students (McKinney Vento Homeless Education Act)

      • All students considered homeless or in transition, includes students who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence, are afforded certain rights under the law:

        • Immediate enrollment, even if family lacks records normally required for enrollment
        • Placement in student’s school of origin, unless is against family’s wishes
        • Transportation to and from student’s school of origin
        • Free school meals
        • It is not a crime to live in one of the above situations and schools are here to assist you and your children with enrollment and appropriate services.  This information will not be shared outside of the educational entity.

        Please call your child’s school and ask to speak to the Outreach Consultant or Principal for assistance with this process. You may also call OMSD Health & Wellness Services directly at 909-418-6398 or click this link to find out if you qualify for services: Family Support Survey