About Montera Elementary

  • Montera takes great pride in presenting two distinctive educational programs: the Dual Language Immersion-Mandarin program and the Inclusion program. Pioneering the educational landscape in San Bernardino County, our Dual Immersion Mandarin program stands as the foremost initiative of its kind. Employing a 50/50 language model within a fun yet challenging learning environment, we purposefully guide our Montera Scholars to master grade-level standards, fostering biliteracy and bicultural proficiency in Mandarin and English.

    Simultaneously, our Inclusion PK-2nd program orchestrates a supportive framework for student development through a robust collaboration between a General Education Teacher and an Educational Specialist. Embracing inclusionary practices and sophisticated instructional strategies, we diligently cater to the diverse needs of each student. 

    At Montera Elementary, our diverse staff employs effective, research-based practices that increase student engagement. Our focus lies on data-driven strategies and instruction, and we take pride in fostering a collaborative community of empowered learners. Within this community, we emphasize cultivating values such as safety, responsibility, and respect while steadfastly nurturing a collective commitment to college, career and life readiness on a global level. Go Montera Easles! 



    Registration Information:

    Completed Enrollment Packet (from school)
    Proof of Residency (gas/water/electric bill)
    Immunization Record
    Birth Certificate (or other official Birth Documentation)
    If you have any questions please call 909-445-1062
    *No Student uniforms required