Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child/children attend school regularly in accordance with California law.  Children who have excessive absences or tardies will be referred to the support team.  Except for medical reasons, ALL students must attend school every day.  Parents must report absences either by phone, (909) 930-6740, or by sending an email to the office at onlineacademy@omsd.net.  Continued tardies and absences will be referred to the district School Attendance Review Board (SARB). 

    Attendance Policies 

      Absence email must include the following information: 

    1. Child’s name 

    2. Teacher name 

    3. Reason for absence  

    4. Date of absence 

    5. Parent or guardian’s name 

    The following are considered excused absences: 

    • Illness  

    • Family emergency (example: death in immediate family) 

    • Doctor/dental appointment 

    The following are unexcused absences: 

    • Vacation 

    • Personal problem 

    • Lack of child care 

    • Rainy day 



    All students are expected to be logged in on time everyday.  This means that students are expected to be logged into Zoom and ready for class by their grade level start time.   

    Repeated tardiness is considered truancy under California law. Students are not eligible for Perfect Attendance recognition if they are tardy.