• De Anza Middle School Possible Renaming Information & Survey

    As a constituent of South Ontario and/or stakeholder with ties to De Anza Middle School, the Ontario-Montclair School District wants to provide an update to the recent efforts of the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee who is exploring the possible renaming of De Anza Middle School and provide an opportunity for you to partake in a 2nd survey.  This survey will provide important input that will help inform the pending recommendations from the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee. 

    The 1st survey, administered in mid-September, had over 360 responses from students, staff, parents and community members that rendered the following results:

    1. I believe that renaming De Anza Middle School provides an opportunity to rebrand the school and will encourage more neighborhood and district-wide students to enroll – 9%
    2. De Anza Middle School has a rich tradition and history and the name should not be changed – 9%
    3. I like the idea of integrating a theme or additional name to De Anza Middle School, but keeping De Anza in the school name is still important – 7%
    4. There is an unfair and inaccurate characterization associated with De Anza Middle School. As opposed to changing the name, more effort should be made to portray, market and communicate the great programs, services and achievements of this historic school – 5%

    As a result of this input, the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee was tasked with exploring a possible name change for De Anza Middle School, made a collective decision to only explore a possible name change that integrates a theme or title to De Anza Middle School.  The advisory committee felt that based on the 1st survey results, it was imperative to maintain the name De Anza as part of the name. 

    After much deliberation as a whole group, 4 subcommittees comprised of students, teachers, classified support staff, parents, local government officials and community members were created to explore possible themes or titles which could integrate with De Anza Middle School. 

    Considering the current range of programs and services currently offered at De Anza Middle School, facility enhancements and forecasted programs that are planned for this site; criteria given to these subcommittees were:

    1. The name De Anza was required to be in their proposed themes and titles
    2. Adherence and Compliance with OMSD Board Policy 7310
    3. Provide a truncated rationale statement for each recommended theme or title

    On October 3, 2019, these 4 subcommittees provided the whole advisory committee 12 recommended themes and titles that could integrate into De Anza Middle School.  Through much dialogue, the advisory committee consolidated these 12 recommendations into what they believed were the 3 best, and most suitable options, for the De Anza Middle School community and stakeholders of South Ontario.  These 3 considerations are:

    1. De Anza Preparatory Academy
    2. De Anza Preparatory Middle School
    3. De Anza Academy for Advanced Studies

    Please complete this survey by October 29, 2019. The survey will close at 4:00 PM. The Superintendent’s Advisory Committee will review the results of this survey at their next meeting on October 31, 2019.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate and be involved in this exciting and comprehensive process.  

    Again, any potential name change to any OMSD school site is approved by the Board of Trustees.  In the event a possible name change is recommended through this process, the Superintendent will present this recommendation to the Board for its consideration.