Each students class schedule is created taking several factors into account, of which include but are not limited to:

    • -English Learner designation
    • -IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) if appplicable
    • -State Test scores (Language Arts and Mathematics)
    • -Reading Comprehension Level
    • -Teacher input
    • -Academic grades
    • -Class size

     Should you have any questions about your students class schedule, please reach out to the School Counselor, Mr. Puebla, for assistance.


    When scheduling electives, school counselors will try and accommodate student/parent requests when possible.  Prior to the following academic year (typically around February), students are given the opportunity to provide input for next years elective choices.  Electives may change from one year to the next but typically include Art, Drama, Music, AVID, ASB and Spanish Exploration. Students will be required to submit elective choices via Google Form. Google Form links are provided each year to students via School Loop email. 

    In order to enroll in either the ASB or AVID elective, students must fill out an application and be interviewed.  Enrollment in these electives is not a guarantee.  Please contact the designated coordinators for more information. Cooridinator names can be obtained through our front office.


    Zero period class has limited slots due to a limited number of sections.  Zero period is generally reserved for students who are enrolled in either AVID or ASB and wish to take an additional elective during the day.   Students able to obtain a zero period class will be prioritized accordingly:

    1. A student in 6-8th grade AVID/ASB that needs to also enroll in a music elective.
    2. A student in 6-8th grade AVID/ASB that needs to also enroll in an additional academic class (iLIT, intervention).
    3. A student in 7-8th grade AVID/ASB wishing to enroll in an elective other than music.
    4. A sibbling that has another sibbling enrolled in zero period, and needs a zero period as well.
    5. Wait list students- In the event zero period electives are full, a wait list will be created and referenced as we see opennings.

    Due to how critical the transitional year from elementary to midddle school is, a limited number of 6th grade students will be placed into zero period.  We wish to provide our 6th graders with six period schedules in order to provide optimal opportunity for success and help with their acclimation to middle school.

    Should you have any questions regarding zero period or electives in general, please don’t hesistate to contact the School Counselor, Mr. Puebla.


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