Mrs. Kimberly Martindale

  • Kimberly Martindale A proud alumna of Hawthorne Elementary and Vina Danks Middle School.  Kimberly is currently in her second year as an elementary administrator at Monte Vista Elementary.  Prior to her current role, she was a data coach, teacher at Montera and Monte Vista Elementary Schools for five years and an intervention teacher for two years.  As a data coach, Kimberly supported all staff members with data analysis, curriculum planning, and lesson demonstrations. She also supported, coordinated, and implemented various interventions programs. In addition to this work, she is involved in multiple efforts such as coordinating the before school running club, the talent show, GATE academy, student performances, Career Day, and several parent workshops.  Kimberly also coordinates school site involvement in district wide events such as the Reindeer Run, the Spelling Bee, and Poetry Day.  Described as someone who goes above and beyond, she also played a critical role in the United Way Makeover and Garden in Every School projects.  Kimberly also supports fundraisers for children with epilepsy and frequently donates her time and resources to support critical initiatives that always have the best interests of students in mind.  Her colleagues believe she has contributed significantly to the various honors received by the school such as the CBEE Honor Roll, being designated as a Gold Ribbon School, honor for Title 1 Academic Achievement, NFL Play 60, and the Healthier US Challenge.  Her service has been deemed outstanding.  Kimberly pays it forward by helping create a school environment where kids want to be, where they feel safe, cared for, and challenged, and by being committed to bridging the school with the community, including parent engagement.  She is committed to creating opportunities for students and facilitating resources to ensure their goals are met.  She believes many teachers did this for her when she was a student in OMSD because they believed in her and she wants to pass that along to OMSD students.  She loves coming to work every day and is inspired to always do more to have a positive impact on students so they can reach their maximum potential.  Kimberly is inspired by her mom who is her role model.  She was a single mom who overcame many struggles but maintained a positive attitude and determined outlook.  Her mother instilled a value of humility and is one of her biggest supporters.  Kimberly believes her own struggles growing up allows her to connect with the students and families in the community.  Her advice to educators is to be visible, greet students, know their strengths and challenges, and show students that you care.  For students, she recommends that students take advantage of all of the opportunities the district has to offer by being connected and involved in clubs, sports, the arts, and academic competitions. If you do this, your future self will thank you.  For parents, she encourages them to get involved with their child’s school.  It is important to understand the classroom, the expectations, hold your children accountable, reach out to staff for assistance when needed, and take advantages of the opportunities for parents.  Kimberly defines excellence as possessing a positive attitude, having high expectations, and believing anything is possible.  For these reasons, the Ontario Montclair School District is proud to honor Mrs. Kimberly Martindale as a 2019 Model of Excellence.  Her commitment to excellence is evident through her relentless dedication to the community and serves as a role model for OMSD students, educators, parents, and community.