Welcome to Fiscal Services

  • Fiscal services is responsible for non-instructional practices required to support the achievement of district educational goals for students. These include budgeting, accounting, payroll and benefits.



    Vanessa Eastland
    Vanessa Eastland
    Chief Financial Officer

    P: 909.418.6446
    F: 909.459.2555

    Juliet Orozco
    Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

    P: 909.418.6459
    F: 909.459.2536

    Veronica Castro 
    Fiscal Services Coordinator

    P: 909.418.6458
    F: 909.459.2541

    Justin Spencer
    Fiscal Services Coordinator

    F: 909.459.2541

    Mayra Lomeli
    Lead Risk Management Technician

    P: 909.418.6454
    F: 909.459-2565