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    The Ontario-Montclair School District, founded in 1884, serves a 26 square mile area which covers most of the city of Ontario, Montclair, portions of Upland, and unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County. The District is the third largest elementary district in the State.

    More than 18,500 PreK-8 students attend 22 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 4 K-8 schools and 1 Online Academy. Included in the 33 schools are magnet and academy programs, each of which is uniquely designed to provide an option for students to become fully immersed in an enhanced specially designed course of study, and two alternative programs.

    OMSD boasts two California Distinguished Schools, eleven Gold Ribbon Schools, International Baccalaureate Schools, a GATE Magnet, a Science Magnet,  Dual Language Academies, and Arts-integrated Magnet, and many AVID Schools, as well as many other recognized programs.

    Our Mission Statement:  We are committed to providing a world‐class education to all students in safe, respectful, culturally responsive, and welcoming environments that value and empower students, staff, and families to be successful in a dynamic global society by cultivating college, career, and community partnerships. 


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    Our 33 Schools

    Elementary Schools (22)
    Middle Schools (6)
    K-8 (4)
    OMSD Online Academy (1)

    Other Facilities:

    Homer F. Briggs Education Center 909.459.2500
    Alice M. Gray Transportation Services Center 909.930.6766
    Bon View Warehouse 909.930.6782
    Nadine Griff Mack Nutrition Center 909.930.6360
    Robert Hardy Center 909.930.6775
    OMSD Counseling Center (at Hardy) 909.930.6799
    Linda Vista Full Service Community School 909.418.6936
    OMSD Parent Educational Center 909.418.6715

    Area Covered:  26 square miles

    Cities Covered:  Montclair, most of the city of Ontario, portions of Upland, and unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County

    Student Information:
    Total Enrollment on December 2023: 18,832

    Ethic Summary 2023 - African Am. 682, Am. Indian 159, Asian 512, Filipino 122, Hispanic 16,667, Pac. Isldr 63, White 627

    Personnel Information

    Total Classified Employees on Contract: 1,621
    Total Certificated Employees:  1,389
    Total Number of Employees*: 3,010

    (*Substitutes NOT included)

    Budget Facts
    Budget Facts