Mr. Lance McCullough

  • Lance McCullough A proud alumnus of Hawthorne Elementary and Vina Danks Middle school.  Later, he attended Chaffey High School and graduated in 1981.  In 1994, Lance founded Fitness Results and since then has been committed to fitness training, promoting health, and competitive training.  His Fitness Results gym focuses on personal training for individuals and small groups, large group training, and corporate wellness programs. Over the years, Lance has developed internship opportunities for Mount San Antonio College students, given his expertise to organizations to help them equip and set up a training gym, and has consistently promoted health and fitness for children all the way to seniors.  He is the author of four books focusing on training and fitness and is currently working on a fifth book.  In 2017, Lance founded an innovative technology company called 30 Minute Body, which offers products designed to prevent declining health across the population, including an app that aims to combat preventable chronic diseases and declining health.  He also developed a companion book called the 30-minute Body 101, which provides a safe, effective, and efficient muscle-strengthening workout.  As an example of paying it forward within the Ontario-Montclair School District, Lance is committed to fighting childhood obesity and chronic illness.  In 2018, he piloted programs and delivered motivational speeches at Oaks and Wiltsey Middle Schools with the focus on making good choices, nutritional guidance, and a variety of exercises. Following this initial pilot program, Lance started two, 8-week programs at Serrano and Wiltsey Middle Schools which include student visits to the Fitness Results gym.  His ultimate goal is to continue to deliver his message and enhance a fitness literacy across the generations.  Lance believes educators play a pivotal role in promoting health and nutrition by helping students understand and engage in effective health, fitness, and nutrition practices.  Lance wants students to know that even the smallest daily choices can have a cumulative positive or negative impact on their lives.  He believes that parents can lead by example and support a healthy and happy life.  Lance defines excellence as always doing your best and to do it with integrity. For these reasons, the Ontario Montclair School District is proud to honor Mr. Lance McCullough as a 2019 Model of Excellence.  His commitment to excellence is evident through his relentless dedication to the community and serves as a role model for OMSD students, educators, parents, and community.