Mr. Earl Phares

  • Earl Phares A proud alumnus of Central Elementary and Vina Danks Middle School, and graduated from Chaffey High School in 1966. Earl is currently a dedicated musician and plays the saxophone with the Ontario Chaffey Community Show Band.   The Show Band hosts monthly free concerts supported by the City of Ontario and the Chaffey Joint Union High School District.  Each year, the Show Band recognizes OMSD students with scholarship money to assist them in purchasing instruments and other equipment needs. Earl is always encouraging students to appreciate music. After high school, Earl enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  Two years later during a mission in North Korea, Earl, along with 82 crew members were taken as prisoners of war (POWs) and held captive for 11 months.  He believes that music helped him survive the experience.  After receiving the Prisoner of War Medal, Earl joined the Naval Reserves and attended several institutions including UC Berkeley, Chaffey College, and CSU, San Bernardino.  He also served as a postal carrier and with the San Bernardino County Sheriff.  Mr. Phares was in the naval reserves for approximately 30 years and during the 1991 Gulf War, reenlisted to serve.  Mr. Phares obviously has a life of distinguished service to our country.  Mr. Phares pays it forward for the community and students by promoting an appreciation for music and helping them continuously to improve. Mr. Phares believes that the best advice he can offer educators is to not overlook the arts such as music and drama because he believes that these opportunities bring out the best in children.  For students, he recommends that students minimize texting and technology and read magazines, newspapers, and books.  For parents, Mr. Phares encourages them to be involved with their children, even after a long day of work because the rewards will be ten-fold. Mr. Phares defines excellence as doing your best with what God has given you.  For these reasons, the Ontario Montclair School District is proud to honor Mr. Earl Phares as a 2019 Model of Excellence.  His commitment to excellence is evident through his relentless dedication to the community and serves as a role model for OMSD students, educators, parents, and community.