• The Ontario-Montclair School District appreciates and acknowledges parents as our children’s first teacher and the District’s most important partner in educating our students. A significant piece of this partnership is parent engagement, which includes District provided parent training opportunities, a Parent Education Center, parent advisory groups, as well as access to several online resources and many individual school site meetings and trainings.

    Below is a brief outline of opportunities that are available throughout the school year for parents:

  •  After School Program

    Click here to access information about our After School Programs.
    Oprima aquí para obtener información acerca de nuestros programas extracurriculares (After School Programs).

     Comments and Complaints

    Click here for more information about our Comments and Complaints procedures.
    Oprima aquí para obtener más información sobre nuestros procedimientos de comentarios y reclamaciones (Comments and Complaints).

     Parent Advisory Committees

    Click here for more information about our parent advisory committees.
    Oprima aquí para obtener más información sobre nuestros comités asesores para padres.

     Family & Collaborative Services

    Click here to access our health resources.
    Oprima aquí para acceder a nuestros recursos de salud.

     Parent Educational Center

    The Parent Educational is a dedicated location for parents/guardians serving as a resource center, class-room and meeting area. Click icon for more information and to view courses offered.
    El Parent Educational Center es un lugar dedicado para padres/guardianes que sirve como centro de recursos, sala de clase y área de reuniones. Oprime aquí para más información y para ver cursos ofrecidos.