Parent Engagement Opportunities

  • The Ontario-Montclair School District appreciates and acknowledges parents as our children’s first teacher and the District’s most important partner in educating our students.  A significant piece of this partnership is parent engagement, which includes District provided parent training opportunities, a Parent Education Center, parent advisory groups, as well many individual school site meetings and trainings.

    Below is a brief outline of opportunities that are available throughout the school year for parents:

    • District Parent Advisory Groups: DPAC/DELPAC (District Parent Advisory Committee/District English Learner Parent Advisory Committee); GATE (Gifted and Talented Education); DELAC (District English Learner Advisory Council);  SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Committee). Announcements & Flyers

    • The Parent Educational Center is a dedicated location for parents/guardians serving as a resource center, class-room and meeting area. The center has a continuous and planned schedule of classes to accommodate educational needs at all levels. It encourages adults to continue and expand their learning; to enhance their student’s development, advance professionally, and promote higher self-esteem. Curriculum is delivered by district staff members and invited professional guests. Courses Offered:  Community Plazas; Computer Classes; English as a Second Language (ESL); Common Core Overview; Opening Doors; Wellness Class; and many more. (Contact the Parent Education Center for more information). Download Schedule.

    School Site Committees and Trainings are available at individual school sites.  (Contact school principal for more information).