About the Program & Instruction

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    The instructional program for our English Learner is based on the most current research of effective programs. Specific instruction for English Learners occurs daily during scheduled ELD time where students are leveled according to their language needs. The ELD programs utilized in OMSD are: SRA in grades kindergarten–third, OMSD HM ELD in grades third–sixth, and Pearson Language Central in grades seven and eight.

    Our students are supported in language development and academic growth throughout the day. In addition to ELD, students receive language support during core and content subjects (English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science) through researched best practices. These practices include academic vocabulary instruction, structured academic talk using response frames, and scaffolded guided writing. Strategic (below basic) level readers receive specialized instruction designed by Dr. Kate Kinsella, nationally acclaimed researcher and practitioner in the area of language development. Intensive (far below basic) level readers in grades four – eight, receive reading intervention and English Language Development through instruction in the Scholastic READ 180 program.