Trustee Elections

  • At the July 20, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Ontario-Montclair School District Board of Trustees, the Board unanimously adopted Resolution #2017-18-02, Designating Election Years for Trustee Areas in a By-Trustee Area Election Process.

    To ensure an orderly transition from an at-large method of election to a by-trustee area method of election and in compliance with Education Code section 5021, which provides that each incumbent affected by the redistricting shall nevertheless serve out their term of office for which they were elected to serve, the following demonstrates the timeline for elections:

    • Trustee areas up for election in November 2022: Areas 2, 3, and 5
    • Trustee areas up for election in November 2020: Areas 1 and 4

     Trustee Areas Map 
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      Elvia Rivas       Alfonso Sanchez        Sarah Galvez        Sonia Alvarado        Kristen "Kris" Brake
         Elvia M. Rivas                   Alfonso Sanchez                 Sarah S. Galvez                  Sonia Alvarado                Kristen"Kris" Brake
       Term Expires                     Term Expires                       Term Expires                      Term Expires                      Term Expires 
          12/2022                             12/2020                                12/2020                                12/2022                            12/2022