• To request a copy of the RFP for ERATE YEAR 25 INTERNET ACCESS AND WIDE AREA NETWORK (WAN).  Please Email Kassy.Martinez@omsd.net

    ERATE YEAR 25 INTERNET ACCESS AND WIDE AREA NETWORK (WAN) Questions and Answers 5/21/2021:

    Q1:Is it the intent of the district to start with the Ring design and a 20G ISP connection at Montera elementary at the beginning of the new contract beginning July 1, 2022 or is the intent to migrate to the Ring and the 20G at Montera Elementary during the 5 year term?  

    A1:The intention with the Ring Design option is to start with 1 Data Center at the District Office having the ISP Connection at 20G, We may migrate at some point during the 5 year contract to include an ISP connection at 20G to Montera Data center but not at this time of July 1, 2022.

    Q2:The Attachment D pricing sheet only allows for only one option (Hub/Spoke or Ring) for the WAN design at the 10, 20 and 40G. Will the district be providing a modified pricing sheet to allow for additional design options, or can the service providers modify the existing pricing sheet to add the additional option(s)?

    A2: Please see the new Attachment D which will have two tabs, one for Hub and Spoke and one for Ring Design. Please fill out BOTH tabs of the pricing sheet (click here to download).  This pricing sheet replaces the first pricing sheet.

    Q3: On the Base Bid Price sheets (Pages 21-24) can you please what you are requesting:

    Q3a. For the 20G – 60 Month Internet is this for both Internet circuits or just the one to the district office?
    A3a. Provide pricing for the 60 month internet circuit for the District Office only. The Montera circuit will be added as an addendum.

    Q3b. For the 10G – 60 Month WAN is this for the Ring or the Hub and spoke Design?
    A3b. Please provide pricing for the 60 month WAN ring design.

    Q4:For the Certification regarding Background Checks, is there an option for Contractors to perform work outside of school hours on school property?

    A4:  The winning vendor is required to submit a certification regarding background checks regardless of work done during or after school hours.

    Q5:Is the district looking for wet signature on just one wet signature plus 2 copies?

    A5: One wet signature is sufficient and the rest can be copies.

    Q6:Does the district prefer 2 x 10G or a 40G handoff?

    A6: Either Option is acceptable to OMSD, 2x10G or 40G.