Welcome to OMSD Health & Wellness Services

  •  To serve the needs of OMSD students and their families, OMSD hosts two Family Resource Centers, as well as the OMSD Counseling Center. Services offered include Case Management, Mental Health, Physical Health, and Crisis Intervention.  All services are free to OMSD students and their families to help children overcome barriers and be successful.  Please contact your child’s school to access these services:

    Case Management: The program aims to develop a safe and stable environment by eliminating barriers such as lack of food, clothing, low income, and access to health care. Case management staff work in collaboration with community-based partners, county agencies, and school staff to ensure coordinated supports are provided for families.

    Mental Health Services: Utilizing mental health professionals, the program focuses on assisting students and families to achieve psychological, social, and emotional well-being allowing them to function at their full potential. In collaboration with school staff, needs are identified and linked to appropriate services and supports.  

    Physical Health Services: Each school site has a full time Health Assistant and part time Nurse to assist students and families with health needs and specialized health care procedures. They coordinate health services for families who have difficulty navigating the healthcare system and work with community and statewide partners to provide optimal services for students. Health insurance assistance can be obtained through the case management process. 

    Crisis Intervention: Includes emergency services in the areas of Mental Health and Case Management for urgent situations. This includes individual, school wide and district wide mental health services by trained professionals who provide mental health support at all levels. Crisis case management services assist families that are in need of emergency support with basic needs. 

    District Homeless Liaison: The director of Family & Collaborative Services is the designated district liaison for homeless youth attending the Ontario-Montclair School District. 

    Homeless Students in Transition (McKinney Vento Homeless Education Act):

    All students who are considered homeless/in transition (individuals who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence) are afforded certain rights under the law:

    Immediate enrollment, even if the family lacks the records normally required for enrollment.
    Placement in the student’s school of origin, unless this is against the family’s wishes.
    Transportation to and from the student’s school of origin.
    Free school meals
    Please contact your child’s school Outreach Consultant or School Principal for assistance with this process.

    Park Tree Community Health Center

    Park Tree Community Health Center

    Sultana Center
    1556 S. Sultana Ave.
    Ontario, CA 91761
    (909) 469-9017 (Medical)
    (909) 469-9018 (Dental)

    Archibald Center
    2680 E. Riverside Dr.
    Ontario, CA 91761
    (909) 469-9013 (Medical)
    (909) 469-9016 (Dental)

    Park Center
    750 S. Park Avenue #101
    Pomona, CA 91766

    Holt Center
    1450 E. Holt Ave
    Pomona, CA  91767

    Montclair Medical Clinic
    5050 San Bernardino St.,
    Montclair, CA 91763
    (909) 281-5800