Credentials Information

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    Credential/Permit Renewals

    • All Clear Credentials and 30-Day Emergency Permits must be renewed online through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) website.
    • You must renew your document before the expiration date noted on your credential.
    • Credentials renewed online are processed within 10 working days.
    • You can renew your Clear Credential or 30-Day Emergency Permit as early as 180 days before the expiration date without losing anytime on the current credential/permit.
    • It is the employee's responsibility to renew and maintain a valid Credential and to inform Human Resources of renewal and/or additional Credentials.
    • Once you have completed the online renewal process you will receive an email confirmation, please forward email to your designated HR Analyst.
    • Click here to start the renewal process

    Substitute Teachers

    • If you do not renew your credential by the expiration date, the Front Line system will block you from accepting any future assignments. 
    • Emergency 30-Day Emergency Permits are renewed every calendar year.

    Educator Account

    • If you have not logged on to the CTC Online system since February 2017, you will be required to create a unique User ID and Password; this information will be used for future access to the system.
    • Your User ID cannot be changed after it has been created.
    • Your personal information including name, email and address should be current.
    • The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) no longer mails out, prints or provides a paper copy of your credential; you must go online to print your renewed credential.
    • We do not need a copy of the renewed document; an email notifying us of your renewal will suffice.
    • Click here for directions on how to update your personal information or view and print your Credential.